Our Story

The idea to create a wide-beam flashlight was born when Ron Pritchett had a near-miss spill on the outdoor stairs. He was doing that back-and-forth motion with his flashlight to sweep light across the entire area in from of him, and it caused him to miss a step and nearly fall. Right after that incident, he knew he had a problem that could be solved, so he immediately went to work to design a better flashlight, one that would light up everything left to right, so you wouldn’t have to move the circle flashlight back-and-forth to try and see what’s around you.

He invented the TripleLite 180º flashlight with a 180 degree arc, to illuminate everything from left to right, which matches your field of vision. The curved design gives you major visibility, thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. His smart, simple innovation really was a bright idea.

TripleLite has patented the 180º lighting in the US and around the world, with 5 utility patents and a design patent. TripleLite is growing exponentially in retail, TV, and on line, thanks to a lot of hard work from both founders, Nancy and Ron Pritchett. TripleLite 180º has truly revolutionized the flashlight and lighting industry, with lighting that makes you see everything in your path to feel safe and secure, with a click of a button.

JOHN 8:12